Environmental Awareness Group Strives For Student Education


Courtesy/Getty Images

Ashley Bassett, Staff Writer

The environmental awareness society is a group on the Texas A&M University- Commerce campus who is obviously dedicated to bringing awareness to the campus about the environment.

Every first and third Monday of the month this group meets in the Science building to set goals and discuss how to make the campus more aware of the different ways they can help the environment.

Their purpose is to bring awareness to the student body of TAMU-C about the environment and the effect we as individuals bring on it. Their goal is to get the student body involved with things like recycling on campus, turning off the lights in dorms and class rooms when no one is there, and not running water too long. Because they are targeting college students, it is sometimes difficult to get them involved in the cause, but it is the societies job to get creative and get us involved.

These students are very dedicated and do this out of their passion for the environment. They are a group of optimistic students who really want to make a difference with the little resources they have.