Tailgating At The Game


Kristen Taylor

Sigma Gamma Rho enjoy the Homecoming tailgate.

Evan Luecke, Staff Reporter

Tailgating is a big football tradition nationwide. It is a time for people to socialize, eat, and play games to support the same team.

Tailgates here at the university open five hours prior to the game and shut down fifteen minutes before kickoff.

Texas A&M University – Commerce’s Matt Bentley of external relations said “Tailgating is a good tradition here at A&M Commerce.”

Bentley came to Commerce last year as an intern and got a promotion to external relations when athletic director Tim McMurray came.

To choose a spot it is first come, first serve. With people given priority for those who have held spots the previous season.  

There are fifty spots to be given out for the season. One to fourteen are called road spots, they are right by the road. There is a price that comes with this though. For spots one to ten, they are $125 for the season and $30 for a game. Spots eleven to fourteen are for student organizations. Student organizations are free to reserve.  Fifteen to Fifty are $30 for the season or $10 per game.

Road spots are the ones that fill up quick.  For Homecoming, the Lion Athletics Department has added eleven extra spots for this game.  

With Homecoming, there is a small difference to setting up and that is to make sure everyone has a spot. “Trying to find different spots for everyone is the hardest part,” Bentley said.

The process is usually to create the spreadsheet with everyone who has reserved a spot. Then you print the signs and put them as their respectable spot.