College of Science and Engineering to present grad school info session

Christian Aleman, Staff Reporter

The College of Science and Engineering will host a graduate school information session on Nov. 3 that will detail how to apply, prepare, and fund graduate school.

“I spoke with my boss, Dr. Brent Donham, Dean of College of Science and Engineering, to just put on an event to educate our undergraduates and get the information out so they would be prepared to know what graduate school is, how you apply for it, just so they can have a better understanding of what that process would be if they ever decided to go to graduate school,” Shaine Marsden, Graduate Recruiter for the College of Science and Engineering said.

Marsden and the Dean of College of Science and Engineering will be presenting at the event.

“Dr. Donham and I are going to be there and we’re going to cover all the speaking ourselves,” Marsden said. “Dr. Donham and I both have graduate degrees; we’ve been through the process. We are going to cater the info to masters and doctoral degrees in the sciences because that’s where we expect most of our undergraduates will go.”

The information session will cover the whole process of graduate school for students.

“We’ll talk to them about what the application process looks like, how you find funding to go to graduate school, and how they can make themselves a really strong candidate when it’s time for them to graduate,” Marsden said. “A lot of people are intimidated by the graduate school process, by the GRE, and those are things that we can help them with.”

Marsden encourages all levels of undergraduate students to attend.

“If anybody wants to do research at the undergraduate level, you want to start as early as possible and that includes as soon as you get here so you can start getting connected to faculty and getting internships and research experience,” she said. “All of that stuff makes you a better candidate. So, the earlier they can learn about the process, the better.

The information session will be in Legacy on the second floor of the Sam Rayburn Student Center at 5:30 p.m.