Rec Center Expands, Offers More

Evan Luecke, Staff Writer

New buildings are appearing right outside of the Morris Recreation Center. This is the big project that the Rec Center announced last year.  The project is the two inline hockey courts that will be a volleyball and futsal courts as well.

Worker Steven Martinez said, “I’m excited for the opening.”

The project is expected to be open January 2017. A lot has come into place when involving the construction, contracts, and weather.  “You never know what the weather will be like in Texas,” Stephanie Nielson, assistant director to the Rec Center, said.

With the addition to the courts, students will be able to check in and rent out equipment at the outdoor facilities.

Intramural sports are a big part to the university. It gives students an opportunity to play sports, be active, and meet more people. Inline Hockey is not common in Texas let alone the United States. It gives students an opportunity for more of a variety of intramural sports.

Futsal is more popular in South and Central America. This is also an addition for intramurals. It is an opportunity to get more students involved on campus through sports.

Hours are also changing. The outdoor venue will be open from 3:00 p.m. to midnight. It also depends on the winter Texas weather will give us.

The facilities will cost roughly around $2 million. Through the student fees, that every student pays on campus. With these fees going up, this allows for new projects on campus. Membership fees have also been raised.

Seating will be available during tournaments and other events.

With the expansion the rec will be hiring more staff members. The rec is looking to make it a healthier environment for the students and its members.

Another use for the courts will be for special events. Events like boot camp, rec fest, and other events will be hosted. These events are looking to grow in the future, but for now they will continue to be hosted at its location.

A lot of work and time has been put into this project. Staff members, and students are excited for this project to be finished, and more intramurals mean more opportunities for people to be active.

Once January 2017 comes, the rec is hoping to see an increase in attendance from students, and memberships hopefully start rising. Risks are meant to be taken.