Game Room Offers Virtual Escape



BreYanna Mason, Staff Writer

The game room at Texas A&M University – Commerce is located in the Rayburn Student Center on the first floor where many activities happen and go on. It is connected to the Club in the Student Center where students eat and socialize. Sororities and fraternities sometimes strut and play music in the club for students to see.

“The game room mostly consists of students, although there are some people who come that are not students like alumni and friends of students visiting,” Achala Mahat said who is a graduate, manager, and staff member of the club and game room. Students pay two dollars an hour for all games, and for students who do not have an ID or people that are not students pay four dollars an hour for all games. For an unlimited game and pool membership, it is 75 dollars per semester for students.

“The game room is a place where students can chill and relax after classes. There are four flat screen TV’s to play Xbox and PS4 with some of the newest games out, as well as three pool tables, and sitting areas around the room to study or watch the games going on,” Mahat said.

The game room hosts tournaments for both pool and video games, and there will be another tournament with its date not quite set. There was recently a pool tournament on October 3rd that was successful. “Flyers on campus are put out by the library, in walk ways on the center line, and outside of main buildings like the one stop shop” said Mahat, to let students know when these tournaments are happening.

Mahat does not think there will be any changes or expansion of the game room but is not sure about it. Since the game room is connect directly to the club there is plenty of space for students to enjoy and socialize.