Lion’s Innovation Showcase


Jasmine Baker, Staff Writer

The Lions Innovation Showcase takes place each year towards the end of the Fall and Spring semesters. Texas A&M-Commerce will be hosting the 3rd annual Lions Innovation Showcase for the Fall 2016 semester on Friday November 18th from 12:30 PM to 5 PM at the Fieldhouse at Texas A&M-Commerce.

The purpose of the Lion’s Innovation Showcase is to provide TAMUC students, faculty and staff, the opportunity to exhibit their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to the Commerce community. Participation in the event can stem through class projects, participation in University organizations, and/or individual initiatives of students, faculty and staff.

The participants of the top three projects in each category will be awarded the following prizes: 1st place $500, 2nd place $300, 3rd place $200. In total the Lions Innovation Showcase will be distributing $6,000 in cash prizes ($1,000 per category). $3,000 in scholarship prizes ($500 per category) will also be distributed.

The Lions Innovation Showcase aims to stimulate students’ innovation and creativity and showcase their accomplishments to the broad University Community (i.e., students, faculty, staff, and Commerce residents). Specifically, the objective of this initiative is to influence student, faculty and staff attitudes at TAMUC towards an opportunity recognition and/or value creation mindset that foments the pursuit of dreams by embracing proactivity, creativity, innovativeness and risk-taking. This mindset is in line with the university mission to ‘shape the future’ and ‘transform lives’ by producing leaders and lifelong learners. Also, the initiative supports University’s values: “Ceaseless industry, fearless investigation, unfettered thought, and unselfish service to others through Integrity, Innovation, and Imagination.”

The spirit of the Lions Innovation Showcase is to exhibit innovative and creative new products or services or original solutions for the production and/or development of existing products or services. The broad scope of the event is to stimulate creativity and innovation from across all Colleges at TAMU-C as well as from faculty, staff and student organizations. For example, art students may want to display and offer for sale their artwork; engineering students may opt to have a stand to explain a new product they have designed and/or show a prototype; students taking an app design course might try to show and/or sell an innovative app they developed; business students might offer a product/service for sale; students pursuing social work may exhibit and/or pursue a venture/project that stimulates social value creation; music students might want to perform and/or sell their music. Different organizations might want to either exhibit their creations and/or raise funds for their organization, their members or for social benefit. In short, the purpose of the Showcase is to create a platform for students across campus to present their ideas to the community.