Mentor Center Offers Advising for Students


Kolby Meshack, Staff Writer

The College of Education and Human Services Mentor Center has served A&M-Commerce students for six years since its creation in 2010..

The mentor program was created in order to advise undergraduate students on how to meet their graduation goals as well as educate them about their major or possible job opportunities.   Coordinator Proctor says that “I believe the program was needed to create a transition stage for freshman students”.  Here at  A&M-Commerce, freshman students are required to meet with success coaches until they complete 24 hours. Then they are assisted through the college of their major, so with this program it makes the transition go a lot smoother.   Proctor also believed that A&M-Commerce needed a central location to receive information, and allow students to meet with faculty and advisors. The mentor program specializes in advising degrees in education and Human Services such as Psychology, Social Work, Health, and Human Performance.  “We council student in these fields helping them to understand what is required their core curriculum and minor so they are on track to graduate”.

The mentor program  has excelled over the past years in helping the students here at A&M Commerce with assisting in forming degree plans, giving drop and add forms, tutoring student athletes and more.  “In fact a lot of prospective students are seen here, because they are normally associated with certain applications… meaning that they often come and see us ahead of time so they won’t have to wait a year before we can connect them their specific areas of choice,” Proctor said.  The mentor program recently received results on how they performed in the 2015-2016 academic school year and were pleased to find out that they had served 8,212 students, and that it was 10.5 percent increase in the year before.  This number was based on the number of times that students either called, emailed, came in, as well as offsite campus advising done through the mentor program. Proctor adds that she would like the students to know that “We are here, and we process graduation applications so if they can see us at least once a semester, it can help eliminate issues that they can possibly avoid when they are trying to prepare for graduation”.

The COEHS Mentor Center purpose is to mainly offer information and guidance to students toward their academic and career goals. The Mentor Center is located in the Frank Young Educational North Building, Room 204 and they open Monday through Friday 8:00-5:00 p.m. For more information about the COEHS Mentor program you can contact them by telephone at 903-468-3144 or via email them at [email protected].