Global Etiquette Dinner Held


Acacia Munoz, Staff Writer

The Department of Career Development hosted an Italian Global Business Etiquette Dinner on Oct. 20 in the Rayburn Student Center Conference Rooms.

Global Business Etiquette Dinners are educational events that educated students proper international dining etiquette in a business setting. “Interview meals” are becoming very popular among employers; and beyond the interview, business is often conducted during lunches, receptions, and formal dinners.

“It is really important for students to be prepared for an interconnected world, so here at Career Development we really focus on students being aware of the global workplace and the different customs that come with etiquette,” Ashley Ortiz, Assistant Director of Career Development said. “Whether it is a professional setting in America or in a different country, students should acknowledge these things.”

Last year the Global Business Etiquette Dinner focused on German etiquette, and the year before the etiquette taught was Hispanic. Each dinner is different not only for each culture’s custom but also for their facilitator. Tina Boitnott, director of Career Development is in charge of finding someone who can facilitate and help students be global citizens in the global world.

This year the etiquette dinner will be facilitated by our own Italian Dean of College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts, Dr. Salvatore Attardo. He will speak of his experience in Italy, and students will increase their knowledge of the Italian expectations at the dining table.

“Even though you identify yourself within a certain group, it doesn’t necessarily mean you hold the beliefs of everyone else within the group,” Ortiz said. “Everyone learns something new.”

At each table, there is always at least one person who has attended a previous etiquette dinner and is familiar with the etiquette custom being presented. This person will also share their experience at the table they are set at so students are able to learn from a different perspective.

“Students are encouraged to dress professionally,” Ortiz said. “Come prepared to listen, learn about someone else’s journey, be prepared to use that in your growth, and share your experience with others.”

Anyone can attend but a $25 fee must be paid before Oct.13.

“I highly recommend attending any Global Business Etiquette Dinner,” Ortiz said. “It really impacts people. I love to learn how someone lives, where they live, and how they interact with society. I am really passionate about understanding cultures and the global world not only professionally but also personally.”