Driver of the People


Courtesy/TAMU-C Marketing and Communications Department

Evan Luecke, Staff Writer

A lot of things are required from you when you are a student athlete. It’s not just going to practice or competing. Things like giving back to the community are also required.

Taryn Driver, a senior from Montgomery, Texas, has been giving back to the community since high school. She is a part of the Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC). She joined freshman year looking to be involved. Her former teammates told her she would be good at it, and they needed someone to fill the position.

“I didn’t want to be in a sorority, but I wanted a leadership role,” Driver said.

SAAC is a way to get the student athlete’s voices heard. Each university has two representatives from each sport.  They are also a big part when giving back to the community. They also show a positive student-athlete image on campus. “If athletes have problems with the coach or a rule, they bring it to SAAC.” SAAC is definitely needed at every university.

“It’s a warm, fuzzy feeling. You feel grateful and that your hard work has paid off,” Driver stated.

Driver has had some awesome opportunities to give back through SAAC. At the annual SAAC retreat, they made coloring books for the children in the hospital who aren’t able to get any of these items that “normal” kids can get unless someone brings them.

Being a mentor in Commerce, Texas has its opportunities. “Commerce is a good community as a university, the university makes a big part of the town and its culture,” Driver added. She has been a part of some mentorship programs through the schools here in Commerce. The pen pal program, reading with the lions and marching with the lions, are all mentoring programs the university does with its student-athletes. “It’s amazing how much they open up,” Driver said.

Driver does have a favorite project. For fundraising, she said that change wars was her favorite. “Everyone in the athletic department got involved, even the coaches…” Driver added that it’s a good feeling when everyone gets involved.  

With community service, she added that the Veteran’s Day Breakfast was her favorite. She had the opportunity to hear stories, and it made her very appreciative. “They are more understanding of what is going on and more appreciative.” Driver said.

Driver does prefer working with kids more than adults. “Adults are more understanding of what is going on, they’re great, but you can have a big impact on kids…”  Driver has seen a lot through the opportunities she has been giving to give back to the community, she definitely isn’t selfish.

“Serving in a community, I really like making a difference in people’s life…” Driver said, when asked about what keeps you going.

Driver definitely has a passion for serving people and it is obvious she likes the feeling. Interviewing Driver definitely motivated me to start giving back more.