Clowns or Clowned?


Cynthia Rios, Staff Writer

This past August stories began to surface of clowns attempting to lure children into the woods in South Carolina. The stories were never proven to be true as no clowns were ever found, but that did not stop social media from turning it into a national craze.

Several high schools across North Texas have reported clown threats causing disruption. No clown threats have actually been serious and have led to the several arrests of students making the threats on social media. Some students are even being charged for making terrorist threats, and police have warned others that the threats are no longer a joke.

To date, no clown threat in the country has been proven to be true. Most of the clown threats being reported have actually been proven to just be rumors on social media. When asked where they have heard most of the clown threats, several students at Texas A&M University – Commerce said social media. “I heard all my friends talking about it and then I saw it all over Twitter.” Steve Hong said.

Clown threats have also reached college campuses, and A&M – Commerce is no different. When asked about what they thought of the clown threats, many students said they did not even take them seriously at this point.

“It don’t really affect me too much, I’m not scared of clowns.” Paizeley Jackson said. Some said they believed the threats were just a way of celebrating Halloween early. “Halloween is coming up. It’s just regular people dressed in costumes.” Zach Beryman said.

When also asked if they’ve heard or seen any threats in Commerce, students said there was actually pictures surfacing on Twitter of one on campus and one in a nearby apartment complex. “I saw a picture of one at Village Creek, but I’m pretty sure it was Photoshopped,” Metrelle Taylor said. “I saw a picture of one on campus, but it was later confirmed it was Photoshopped and was just created to promote a Halloween party coming up,” Johana Maldonando said.

With Halloween coming up, the clown threats may not be disappearing as soon as some may hope. Clown masks sales have actually gone up drastically since the threats surfaced. Costume retailer Halloween Express reported to CBS news that sales on clown masks have gone up 300% despite police efforts of advising the public to avoid clown masks this year.