Get into Gear for the Outdoors


Thomas Kent, Staff Writer

Outdoor Adventure at Texas A&M-Commerce offers many ways for students to blow off steam and get exercise as well as the gear necessary for those activities. Near campus there is 5 miles worth of bike trail, a challenge course, disc golf course, a zip line, and at the Morris Rec Center there is a climbing facility. There are lots of options for students, most of which, require certain equipment.

With a driver’s license or A&M-Commerce student ID card, Outdoor Adventure will make sure students have all the equipment they need to get outdoors. A form has to be filled out, and for some items there are fees but it is a quick and simple process, designed by Outdoor Adventure in an effort to get students outdoors.

Renting biking equipment is free to A&M-Commerce students. They have different types of mountain bikes available as well as helmets and other safety gear. They also have a wide array of discs available to rent for those students interested in trying their 18-hole disc golf course but aren’t ready to spend the money on discs yet.

Sam Stevens, a Level 2 student worker for Outdoor Adventure, does a little bit of everything there. Aside from checking out equipment, he is a climbing instructor, trip leader, and does maintenance on the bikes.

“After people rent out the bikes, we bring them in, we work on them, and if anything goes wrong we have replacement parts,” Stevens said. “We get most of our equipment and parts straight from the manufacturer. We usually get a good deal so our prices are pretty cheap.”

Below are the prices for camping and boating equipment:

Camping Equipment Day Rental Weekend rental Week Rental
Tent (2 Person) $6 $12 $24
Tent (3 Person) $7 $14 $28
Tent (4 Person) $10 $20 $40
Tent (5 Person) $12 $24 $48
Sleeping Bag $4 $8 $16
Sleeping Sack & Pad Free w/ sleeping bag Free w/ sleeping bag Free w/ sleeping bag
Back Pack $8 $16 $30
Stove (2 Burner) $5 $10 $20
Mess Kit $3 $6 $9
Hiking Poles $5 $10 $15
Boats & Equipment
Kayak (Single) $12 $25 $50
Kayak (Tandem) $15 $30 $60
Canoe $15 $30 $60

Outdoor Adventure’s office and bike shop is located on Culver Street between A&M-Commerce and Commerce High School and is open Monday through Friday from 1-7 p.m.