Let’s Get Ready to Zumba

Liliana Vasquez, Staff Writer

The Morris Recreation Center on campus provides several group fitness activities for all students.

The $12 million facility is open to students of A&M University Commerce and includes a 45-foot climbing wall, 3-lane jogging track, racquetball, basketball and volleyball courts, fitness rooms, equipped gyms, heated pools, hot tubs and much more. The rec center also provides fitness groups for students every day of the week.

“The group fitness activities are a good way to get in shape while having fun with people who can motivate you,” Rec Center manager Sydney Erbe said.

The fitness groups run for an hour with the exception of abs and back which last only 15 minutes and functional training which runs for 30 minutes. Abs and back is an intense 15-minute session that focuses exclusively on defining student’s abs and backs. The functional training group is a full body workout that includes fitness equipment and body weight exercises

“Majority of any group fitness classes are female,” Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness James Thayer said. Even though most fitness groups are female dominant, Thayer said any male students are welcomed.

Both Thayer and Erbe agree on Zumba being the most popular amongst students. Zumba is a blend of Latin and international music with fitness-based dances. Due to its popularity, this evening class is offered most days out of the week.

Other fitness groups like Barre, Bodyshred, Dance Fusion, Gentle Yoga, Pedal and Pump, Pilates, Sculpt, and Vinyasa Yoga are offered throughout the week. Thayer explained that there will be a change to the fall schedule starting September 24. He also said that the Spring schedule isn’t determined until the second week of November.

“The whole facility is free of charge to all students,” Erbe said. “It’s in your student fees, so you might as well come because you’re paying for it.”