Clarifying Black Lives Matter

Delon Johnson, Special Contributor

In the crux of social calamity, the emergence of a movement specially tailored for black narratives has made itself ever prominent. These accounts shed light on what being black in America means. These narratives articulate the trials and tribulations that blacks are faced with living in today’s society. They are the stories that conjure and invoke a discourse that is viral and contagious. The collection of all of these accounts, testimonies, and narratives have been the driving force of solidifying and defining what the movement Black Lives Matter means.

What does Black Lives Matter Mean? The question itself gives insight into the current status of race relations in America. The question only reaffirms the oppression that black folks experience needs to be disassociated and separated from other lives for the purpose of addressing their issues adequately. The question brings about a diverse range of answers that are special to the black narrative. Answers by black folks of different walks that each contribute a different yet vital component to the issue. What does black lives matter mean? The only affirmative and concrete response is that each issue that a black voice speaks is dire to answer such a question.

Black Lives Matter means addressing the issues of black bodies being made martyr through state sanctioned murders. It means addressing the prejudices that lead up to these killings. It means evaluating the systemic and blunt racism that has diabolically bled its way through the structure of our police force. It means securing the value of human life regardless of skin color. It means calling out supremacy structures that violently tyrannizes blacks for being just that. It means the abolishment of dehumanizing black children. It means employing officers who ascertain the circumstances of certain communities in order to elevate any preconceived notions or stereotypes. It means that they want their bodies to not be public relics of racially motivated brutality!

Black lives matter embodies the acknowledgment of history in regards to black folks in this country. It means to educate yourselves on the past narratives. It means to understand the diaspora of black folk in this country. This will aid individuals to understand why history is so sire to the movement. It makes the individual realize that discourse about racial tension cannot take place without realizing that race relations were constituted way before America had a formal constitution. History connects the ambiguities that seem too far stretched to connect. It makes the realization of the real issues that blacks face more digestible and non-negotiable rather than repulsive and debatable.

Black lives matter encompasses the struggles that happen within the black community as well. It means acknowledging the stigma that becomes present during the intersection of masculinity and Sexuality as in pertains to race. It means dismantling the idea of colorism that has been injected by supremacy complexes during slavery. It calls out to individuals who think liberation is mocking the complexes and structures that still oppresses them. It encompasses the struggle of black women and the connectedness of racism and misogyny. It embodies the deconstruction of toxic traditional norms that have been practiced for generations within its own community. It means dismantling the contaminated notions that exist within their own communities implemented by supremacy structures.

Black Lives Matter serves celebrate the progress as well. It means to love being black. It means to embody their culture and not let any entity infringe on that right. The movement means to not be exclusive and includes others who realize how important the fight is. It means that though allies may not be able to speak on the behalf of the movement they can utilize their support to promote the movement in any form they deem necessary. Black Lives Matter means that in order to promote the idea of unification in its purest form we must liberate and elevate the most marginalized. Black Lives Matter means proclaiming that contributing to the greater good begins with addressing the real issues!