Prepare for Interviews!

College of Business holds interview workshop for students


Tiara Murdock, Staff Writer

Students can gain beneficial skills that they can incorporate throughout their career by attending the Preparing for an Interview Workshop.

The Preparing for an Interview Workshop was developed for students to get practice on what to say at an interview as well as know how to market themselves through an interview. The workshop was created by Career Service Coordinator, Lacy Henderson, because she saw that most students that were about to graduate did not have a resume and did not know what to say at an interview.

Lacy Henderson said, “My main goal is to find internships for the students. I started out with this workshop because I saw that most students lack in the interview process, so I created this workshop to help them.”

The purpose of this workshop is for students of all classifications and majors to research their skills, see their value, and be able to articulate it in an interview. Students will work with each other on giving a practice one on one interview, and there will also be a panel where Executive in Residents professionals will be available to the students to help with their interviewing skills as well.

“I want to help the students get their nerves out,” said Lacy Henderson. “I want the students to start asking the question, who am I. Start with a database in your mind on what you should say in an interview.”

Some of the benefits of attending this event would be, students would be taught several skills that they can recuperate in every interview that they go on in their future career. Students will begin to see the value in themselves, what they bring to the table from previous jobs, what to wear and how to act, and how to properly brand themselves. Students will receive critiques and helpful tools to gain them that internship or job.

This workshop will take place on October 28, 2016, at 10am-2pm in the McDowell Administration Building Room 343. This is a free workshop that will be hosted by the College of Business Career Services. This event will be the ending of a two-month long distinction in professional development series.

Jade Noel, senior business major, said, “I am looking forward to the Preparing for an Interview Workshop. I want to brush up on my interview skills so I can land my dream job.”