Alma Mater Matters


Ashley Bassett, Staff Writer

Joining the Alumni Association gives the students of Texas A&M University-Commerce the opportunity to show pride for their alma mater while also providing them with benefits for becoming a member.

Becoming a member of this association is simple. Of course, first you must be a graduate of the Institution. Once you begin your graduating process you may also begin the process of becoming a member of the Alumni Association.

To become a member all you have to do is fill out a membership form and pay the membership fee which can all be done online. The lifetime membership fee is $500 for an individual membership or $750 for a joint lifetime membership. There is the option of a $30 membership fee for individuals and a $50 fee for joint members that includes an annual fee of $30.  

The association also provides you with benefits such as discounted prices on certain services such as the Career Development program. All the different opportunities provided by the institutions career development program become available to those who are members of the Alumni Association. While being a part of this association, you may also purchase highly sought-after insurance products.

Being a member of this association comes with many different fun benefits as well and opportunities to give back to your alma mater. You can provide donations, make contributions, and be actively involved with the campus and activities going on.