Career Development to Teach Italian Table Manners


Brenda Perez, Senior Reporter

Career Development at Texas A&M University- Commerce will be giving students an opportunity to learn about the dining customs in Italy can take advantage of the Global Business Etiquette Dinner on October 20.

“We put this together based on our Quality Advancement plan to get students ready for an interconnected world,” Tina Boitnott Director of Career Development said. “We do think it is valuable for students because we do know there is a possibility that they will be conducting business in a global world. It will be a basic lesson on dining while conducting business.”

This Global Business Etiquette Dinner will be the fifth dinner hosted by Career Development, this year’s dinner will focus on the etiquette that would be appropriate in Italy.

Previous years have focused on Asia, Mexico, Germany and the Middle East.

“I am always looking for people on campus, in our community, that are from that county and that culutre to invite them as guests,” she said. “ That way studetns will have at least one person who knows about that culutre at their table.”

Students will be seated at a table with at least one person from the culture of the county they will be focusing on, this will allow for students to ask questions they may have about their etiquette. They can conversate with those at the table with them and learn from each other.

This year Dr. Attardo, Dean of the College of Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts will be presenting at the event; he also happens to be Italian.

It will give students who attend to get hands on experience with what they can expect to encounter if they are conducting business in Italy.

“The dress code is buisness professional,” Boitnott said.

This can be important becasue our customs do not always translate with those of other countries.

The dinner is an opportunity for anyone who attends to brush up on thier communiation and dining skills, even if they are not planning on taking part in any business dinners.

Anyone who would like to bring a friend,child or spouse is welcome to do so.

“I expect the students to walk away with a better understanding of the culture, a better understanding of doing business in that country,” Boitnott said.

The dinner will be on Oct. 20 from 5:30 p.m to 7 p.m in the Sam Rayburn Student Center. A four course meal will be served and the tickets for the meal will be $25.

Anyone is welcome to attend the dinner.

Any students who have any questions can call Career Development.