Yeezy Brings Saint Pablo Tour to Dallas

Christian Aleman, Staff Reporter

World famous artist, rapper, singer, designer, and entertainer Kanye West took the (floating) stage at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Sept. 22, while on his Saint Pablo tour promoting his latest album The Life of Pablo.

Before he even ascended onto the floating stage, the crowd tried to coax West out from the backstage by chanting “Yeezy” and breaking out in an uproar any time a technician stepped out, or a sound effect resonated from the speakers. Yeezy opened up his set nearly two hours behind schedule with “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” blasting as he mounted his floating contraption, which suspended above the floor level audience for the duration of the show.

The stage itself was a commanding part of the show as it carried the 39-year-old artist from one end of the arena to the other. It traveled ceaselessly and those beneath it huddled under its sunset orange lighting to dance along to Yeezy’s rhythm. Fans ran to stay under the illuminating light as West performed hits, just so they could be close to the center of action. West himself danced and jumped as if not caring or noticing that the platform was in motion.

West brought songs to life from as far back as his 2004 album, The College Dropout, with “Jesus Walks” that the fans sang along to. His repertoire was made up of mainly his upbeat music with only a small selection of downtempo beats. However, the set itself was worked into the music to enhance the experience.

The setup consisted of orange tinted lights hanging above the crowd that would descend on the fans at floor level at different periods throughout the night. During the two brief intermissions, the lights gave their own performance, as they grew dim at some points and brighter at others as the two different sets of lights were placed at different angles.

At one point they made a platform while they tilted and formed intersecting lines at other points. Their actions correlated with the tones being played, although the pitches themselves seemed to go at their own pace, deviating from any set guidelines. In conjunction with these various pitches and moving lights, the sound of a voice singing, like that at the beginning of “Wolves”, filled the entire arena and completed the affair.

The only break in this setup came in the form of red lasers that created a platform of light at West’s eye level. Yeezy’s silhouette was the only thing illuminated as the lasers highlighted his every dance move; his every step.

Between the songs and the light shows, West talked about his struggle to get to his current position in his career. He rallied up the crowd by saying things to encourage artists on the rise, to encourage others using his personal experience.

“I’m going to keep failing because I’m going to keep trying,” West told the crowd as he shared his own hardships.

He even brought up his mother at times and said how proud and braggadocios she would be if only she could see the success he has achieved.

West brought his tour to Dallas and proved to be an even more popular phenomenon as his empire has expanded from the music industry into fashion with his popular shoe and clothing line, Yeezy.

The hype surrounding what he does is seen all over social media and is not a letdown in person as he exemplifies who he is online with his words, actions, and charisma. From collaborating with pop artists like Sia all the way to superstars like Beyoncé, Kanye West has managed to brand himself as a modern day icon that attracts people into popular culture to him, and his Saint Pablo Tour manages to be an extension of such fame.