Political Organizations on Campus

Kimberly Thompson, Staff Writer

Texas A&M University – Commerce offers a variety of organizations on campus that pair well with certain majors. The Political Science department on campus advocates clubs such as the College Republicans and College Democrats. College Republicans is a politically adapt organization that explores and propagate the students on campus into a conservative environment. Their main focus is to assist and develop students in our elections of Republican Party bureaucrat. College Democrats is also a political organization of college students that participate in the values of the Democrat party. They are also for the advancement of the A&M Commerce campus helping to inform and educate.

The first ever College Republican chapter was established on May 17, 1892 at the University of Michigan. The first ever meeting of College Republicans brought out more than 1,000 attendees. Many presidents have gone through the ties to the College Republicans such as William McKinley, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover. Alex Smith is the National Chairman of the National Committee, and she served as Co-Chairman for the 2012 cycle and then Chairman of the D.C. Federation of College Republicans. At Texas A&M University – Commerce the College Republicans’ President is William Gutiérrez. Active member and student Ryder Lynde said in an interview, “Being in a responsible organization makes me feel like I really have a way to express my voice on our political candidates.”

The first College Democrats was founded in 1932 to continue the election campaign of presidential nominee Franklin D. Roosevelt and was originally established as bureau of the Democratic National Committee. The first president of the College Democratic organizations in America is David Hale who was elected in 1988. Since 1992, CDA has actively promoted the Democratic legislative agenda and Democratic candidates for office. The President of A&M Commerce’s College Democrats chapter is Matthew Markovitch. In an interview with member and upper classman Stephanie Williams said about her involvement, “All the core values that I already believed get represented in this organization without getting overpowered by any negativity.”