Ag Ministry Welcomes All

Courtney Norman, Staff Writer

The agriculture ministry is providing students with the experience of participating in fellowship and worship, who may not have the opportunity while being away from home. The ministry consists of a group of students who are passionate about sharing their love for Christ.    

    The ministry began last spring and received a lot of student interest. Although, it mainly consists of students in the agriculture department, the group extends an invitation to all students.

     “A lot of times we have students who are away from home,” said Derald Harp, Professor of Horticulture in the school of agriculture. “Some go home regularly some don’t, but a good number of students are away from their home churches.”

     The agriculture ministry is still in the beginning stages of development. The ministry was established to provide students with a place of worship, so it will allow for time to run its course, rather than having a set agenda for meetings.

  “There are some natural things that will allow for service opportunities that will pop up,” said Dr. Harp.  

  Last semester, the ministry met every other Wednesdays in room 255 in the Agriculture Building. Currently the group is reconsidering dates so that it can become more accessible to students.

“This is a great opportunity for everybody across the entire university to come worship and to find fellowship,” said Dr. Harp. “This is what the organization is all about.”

As the ministry progresses, service opportunity may be done by the students, but the overall goal is for students to be able to have a place of worship along with their peers.