SGA Looks Toward the Future

Thomas Kent, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association at Texas A&M University in Commerce is as busy as ever. As most students know, Homecoming is coming up very soon, adding a lot to the plates of most student organizations, our student government included. On the morning of October 29, as the A&M-Commerce Lions football team prepares to play West Texas A&M University, the SGA will be hosting a ‘Welcome Back Breakfast’ for SGA alumni. This and some other upcoming events are planned in an effort for SGA to be more active with alumni, including non-SGA graduates.

That’s just one example of the many things SGA President Will Horton oversees.

“SGA is involved with a variety of things,” Horton said. “This semester, we are helping advertise the Sam Rayburn Speakers Series and we help organize a book club which is affiliated with that series. We will also host Fuel for Finals Week where we give out scantrons, bluebooks, pens, pencils, etc. to students.”

But what else does SGA do?

SGA advocates for students interests at all levels. They have regular meetings with A&M-Commerce administrators such as Dr. Mary Hendrix, Vice-president for Student Access and Success, Mrs. Donna Spinato, Chief of the University Police Department, and Dr. Ray M. Keck III, President and CEO of A&M-Commerce.  They also host regular committee meetings within SGA to coordinate their efforts and plan activities and forums.  

Being relatively new to his role as SGA President, Horton has lots of goals. “For this year, I would like to see SGA reach a full Senate of thirty Senators.  Membership is a vital organ for SGA, and the more Senators we have then the better equipped we are to serve the student body.  I would also like to see some type of greater involvement between student organizations, as well as increased funding for students organizations.  I hope that this can be accomplished through the work of SGA, the Student Service Fee Committee, and offices within the Rayburn Student Center’s Student Involvement Suite.”

A&M-Commerce’s Student Government Association meets every Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Legacy A&B at the Rayburn Student Center. To get involved, students may attend those regular meetings or stop by the SGA office and talk with Senators, President Horton, or the SGA advisor. Students are always encouraged to apply to join SGA.  The application can be found online at or a student may request a paper copy at the SGA office.