Spectacles Offer Videos in a Snap

Evangelina Morales, Staff Writer

Have you ever thought go back and see one of you favorite memories through your own eyes? Now, that is possible and will be available soon. Snapchat introduced their first hardware product, ‘Spectacles’ glasses with video- recorder that record ten second clips of video through their 115- degree- angle lens.

Snapchat officially changed their name to Snap Inc. since the company is more than a social media. Snapchat app allows people send videos and pictures, and both types of media will self-destruct after several seconds of a person viewing them.

Their new innovation, ‘Spectacles’ will cost $130. They will come in one size, and will be available in three different colors such as black, teal, and coral.

“I think there is really cool, because I think it is a personal way to keep in touch with your friends and everything you do, and then with this glasses they are making it even more easier because that will even easier than taking your phone. I feel like I can catch anything with those glasses. For example, if you are in a football games, you never know when it is coming for you to actually take your phone and push it. But with those glasses you will be ready all the time and be able to catch the perfect snap of the game,” Liliana Vasquez senior, said.

‘Spectacles’ glasses can record up to 30 seconds of video at a time. Lights on the inside and outside of the frame on to let people know that you are recording. The glasses come in a rechargeable case that can hold a week’s worth of use when fully charged.

They are very similar to Google’s Glass in that both have a camera, but Snap’s allows people to take short videos and keep the sun out of your eyes with a very affordable prize.

“I feel as a time goes by maybe it would be those things that everyone has. When they first come out, I think people will just want to buy them. I would just wait and see how they actually work, and I maybe will buy a ‘Spectacles’ glasses later,” Vasquez added.

People will be able to take photo and, record videos without holding a camera is what Spectacles offer.

“ I think it is a good idea because it would reduce the amount of accidents caused by distracted people being in social media. It is also a bad choice because it would make more people addicted to it, and I think this motivates more teens to be more active and also would feel free instead carrying their phones,” Edgar Romero, senior, said.