National Night Out Celebrated

National Night Out Celebrated

Tiara Murdock, Staff Writer

National Night Out is an event that happens every year all across the nation. The purpose of this event shares a common mission for every student to come out and meet University police, local police, the fire department, and EMT. The community event developed in Commerce, Texas in the mid 2000`s. This event started out as a local Commerce event for university students and citizens of Commerce to get to know some of the prime people that help serve the community and save lives About four years ago, UPD developed the idea of bringing the event to the university so it will be more convenient for the students. This event usually happens in August of every year, but UPD said it was too hot in August so they decided to do it in October.

This event was held on October 4th. They had a DJ, free food, a petting zoo that will have a variety of different animals, bounce houses, face painting, an artist that will draw portraits, clowns that will make balloon animals and so much more. They had some of the campus partners, such as the Morris Recreation Center, set up a table to pass out backpacks, credit card pouches for the cell phones, and towels to show the students their appreciation for coming out.

Officer David Wallace said, “We want to mingle with the students. We want the students to feel comfortable coming up to us. We wish that they would ask us more questions.”

At a previous National Night Out event, students were notified that the University police is actually the SWAT team for the city of Commerce. Some questions were brought up about how come they did not see the SWAT team there, and did Commerce have one?

University police feels like this is a very important event that must happen every year. It is especially critical, with all of the police brutality happening in the world. They want the students to feel comfortable approaching them and talking to them. The overall purpose for the event is to show the students that there are still good cops out there that wants to create the safest environment, and that when they are ever in need, please do not hesitate to contact them.

“We are approachable,” said Officer Wallace. “We wish people would talk to us more.”