Students, Organizations To be Honored

Breyanna Mason, Staff Writer

The annual Student Organization Awards is hosted by Texas A&M University- Commerce in the Spring for recognition and support of all student organizations. There are ten total awards that can be won that include the highest student organization GPA award, outstanding student organization member award, student organization outstanding service award, outstanding student organization collaboration award, outstanding campus leader award, William Leonidas Mayo student leader award, outstanding student organization advisor award, outstanding new student organization award, outstanding campus program of the year award, and the student organization global engagement award. The only restrictions on these awards are that the outstanding campus leader award can only be won by a freshman or sophomore, and the William Leonidas Mayo student leader award can only be won by a junior or senior. The awards are designed to showcase organizations as well as individual members of organizations.  Since it is only the beginning of October the date, time, and details of that sort are not fully worked out. The Assistant Director for student government and student organizations, Jeremy Sippel, gives information about the awards and says that “most of the categories have about 7 or 8 organizations in it,” and the deadline for applications in the ceremony will be accepted opens February of 2017 and closes the end of March of 2017. Sippel says. “individuals MC the event and as the categories are won the winners say a few words on stage,” and university officials come out to support as well.