Bookstores Taken to New Level

Kolby Meshack, Staff Writer

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Most students at Texas A&M University Commerce believe that the local bookstores are only for renting, selling, and buying books. However, that is not the only case here at A&M Commerce. On-site manager at the East Texas Bookstore Jenifer Speight says that they offer a variety of goods and services from books, supplies, Scantrons, apparel, and gift items. They also sell various snack items and Coke products that you can’t find in the on campus bookstore which could also be a plus.

Even though The East Texas Bookstore, and the on-campus Bookstore do sell a lot of books, that is not their number one selling item. In fact the “top selling items are drinks and snacks, but Coke products are the number one sales off campus,” Speight said.“This can be found somewhat ironic being that they are a bookstore, but in all actuality it is true” With snack sales being through the roof, the bookstore now offers a reward program with their drinks. If you buy nine drinks at either location, then you will get the tenth for free. Speight plans on taking The East Texas Bookstore to the next level within the next couple of semester to attract more customers by creating something for students where they can come in, hang out, have a snack, or do homework in between classes. No name has been set, but she is thinking about calling it the “College Corner”. The only down side that Speight could see within her job is the available parking spaces. She finds that most students try to park there for free to get out of having to buy a parking permit from the school. Speight says that The East Texas Bookstore parking is only available for her staff, and customers, and is looking into ways to minimize the violators as much as she can with the help of A&M Commerce police and security staff.

If you like the apparel you’ve been seeing, be sure to stop in and talk to Wende Bowen, the merchandise manager who meets with the local vendors within the A&M Commerce license agreement to discuss what they can and cannot do. Bowen is open to hearing feedback from students and wants to make sure that she is staying up to date with the latest trends. The local book stores are open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday then 7:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. on Fridays.