Gee, Look at Those Ducks!



Liliana Vasquez, Staff Writer

Texas A&M University-Commerce’s Gee Lake offers a home to generations and generations of wild ducks.

Gee Lake is located in front to the Performing Arts Centers on the university campus. Ducks and ducklings roam the PAC and Art Building searching for the next nesting area.

“They have been here for as long as I can remember” coordinator of art activity, Patti Doster said. “Since I was a kid growing up in Commerce they were here”.

The wild ducks don’t belong to anyone, and they are believed to have been here for as long as the pond was created. They are different generations of ducks that have migrated from different places and decided to call Commerce their home.

“I think it’s great they are here. I think it’s great to have wildlife,” graduate assistant Meg Fowler said. “With all the craziness in academia, it’s nice to know that something peaceful and calm like nature is right outside the window”.

There is one particular fuzzy goose who has had several names through the years. “I’ve been here in this building since 2013, and every year he gets a different name” Fowler said. The fuzzy goose will either attack or sit there and honk. He has been known to bite students in the past.

“I think the ducks are iconic in commerce,” student Dakota Brewer said. “I don’t see nothing wrong with them being here. There are times when they are a bit feistier than other animals but that’s just a matter of leaving them alone and letting them do their own thing as ducks”

The wild ducks are here to stay and make their nests on the grounds of A&M-Commerce, the place they home.