Brief-KETR Fall Pledge Drive

As the community helps 88.9 KETR with its Fall Pledge Drive goal of $20,000, KETR still has a long way to go.

“Almost $7,000 have been raised, funds usually trickle in after the drive with our mail campaign; it was sent out a month ago,” Carinne Manning, development coordinator of KETR, said. “This year we did a few new things, one being our acquisition campaign. We sent information out by mail to people who have never listened to KETR.

“We also recently started doing Facebook live videos, showing how it looks how to do a pledge drive. People share the posts and we’re able to see the who watched the feed,” she said.

88.9 KETR provides the area of more than half a million, and online listeners, with programming like NPR, Notably Texan, student-run Lions After Dark and college and high school sports for the past 40 years.