The effective date of Campus Carry still looms…but with these restrictions


Photo Courtesy: Ibro Palic through Flickr Creative Commons

a handgun by Glock® inside a concealment holster

Gun-Free Zones

LTC (License to Carry) holders will still be prohibited from carrying concealed handguns on the following on-campus locations when “Campus Carry” (Texas Senate Bill 11) goes into effect Aug. 1, 2016.

  • Campus Counseling Center, Room 204 inside the Halladay Student Services Building
  • Psychology & Community Counseling Clinic, Rooms 106-125 and 231-242 inside Binnion Hall
  • Children’s Learning Center
  • Student Health Services, located on the first floor of Henderson Hall
  • Nuclear Storage, Room 115 inside McFarland Science Building
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, Room 314 inside McFarland Science Building
  • Student Assessment & Evaluation Testing Lab, Room 172 inside the Student Access & Success Center (One Stop Shop)
  • Anywhere on campus where standardized tests (like the ACT, CLEP, LSAT and THEA) are being administered
  • Post Office
  • President’s home during events where the president deems fit
  • Locations on campus where events that will be heavily attended by minors are taking place, as deemed appropriate by the president
  • Any place on campus where the president deems it necessary to temporarily ban concealed handguns (after “effective notice” is given)
  • Any portion of campus leased by the university to a third party if that party wants to prohibit concealed handguns from the premises (given effective notice)
  • Assigned offices where the president has approved the prohibition of concealed handguns if the employee has demonstrated that the carrying of a concealed handgun by an LTC holder presents a “significant risk of negligent discharge”
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Bleacher area inside the Field House
  • John Cain Family Softball Field
  • Lion Soccer Field

Rules About Handguns in Dorm Rooms

Students living on campus who are LTC holders and wish to store a handgun in their assigned room must provide their own safe, and it must be one that was designed and manufactured specifically for the purpose of safe handgun storage.

  • These individuals may not provide access to their safe to anyone else.
  • Other rules about the storing of handguns in dorm rooms will be found in the 2016-2017 revisions of the Residential Living and Learning Guidebook and Student Handbook once they become available.