Wyman Williams Wins Commerce Mayoral Election


Travis Hairgrove, Editor

The nearly six month long wait since John Ballotti resigned from his post as mayor of Commerce is now over with Wyman Williams winning the election, Saturday, May 7.

Williams has regularly cited the fact that over half the property in Commerce is tax exempt and how that’s an obstacle to growth for the town, and his proposed solution to that problem was one of the major talking points of his campaign.

“What I hope to do as mayor is create conversations that don’t happen normally, and get ideas from people who have never really been challenged to say ‘What can we do better?’” Williams said.  “We‘re not a unique community.  There are many universities in the country, and many are in communites similar in size to us.  All of them have similar challenges.  Which ones of them are doing better than us?  How many of our faculty and staff have attended them?  Have we ever asked them?  What can we do as a community to improve and enhance services and the environment [locally].”