Memorial Held in Honor of Jones


Todd Kleiboer, Web Editor

Photos of late President Dan Jones flashed across the screen at the memorial held on the 2nd of May in the University Field House as people recounted their memories of Jones.

Messages were sent out earlier on the 2nd to faculty, staff, and students to “celebrate his [Jones’s] life, accomplishments, example, and legacy”. It also stated that the Jones family asked well-wishers to not send them flowers but to instead donate to the Jalinna and Dan Jones Scholarship Endowment.

Speakers at the memorial included Jackson Dailey, president of the Student Government Association who spoke of a car ride around the university that reminded him of Jones.

“I remember you to not remember his loss tonight,” Dailey said. “But to celebrate his life.”

Adolfo Benavides, Vice President and Provost of Academic Affairs, also told anecdotes of Dan Jones, but he maintained a serious tone toward the end of the speech.

“Dan was a man who shared with us the gifts of charity and humility,” Benavides said.” Dan Jones always had a kind word for students, faculty, and staff as he walked around campus.”

Chancellor of the Texas A&M University System John Sharp also gave his condolences at the memorial and listed several of Dan’s achievements as president. He also reassured attendees that the system “will make sure that this university will become everything Dan Jones wanted it to be.”

Members of the Board of Regents also attended the memorial service, and Judy Morgan along with others told about their admiration of Jones.

“We always admired Dan for what he brought to the system,” Morgan said. “He loved his faculty, he loved his staff, and he loved his students.”

After the scheduled speakers shared their experiences of President Jones, the floor was opened up to audience members to speak about their own personal experiences.

James Belford Page, a well-known alumnus of the university, said that Jones “had a connection to this campus. I hope the next leader keeps that connection.”

Senior Evangelio Meek spoke about the first time he had met Jones in the Student Center and how he “got to see that the qualities of a leader are not only friendliness, but also charity and kindness.”

A dedication in Jones’s honor is planned to be held on campus in the future, but there is no set date.