A helping paw: President Jones sends first message since hospitalization


Travis Hairgrove, Editor

After a week of concern over President Dan Jones’ health and condition, A&M-Commerce employees finally heard back from their boss in an email sent on Monday, April 25 at around 9:30 a.m.

In the heartfelt message, Jones thanked university faculty and staff for the “many expressions of concern, prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery” sent his way after a “medical issue” required him to be transported to a medical center in Dallas Saturday, April 16.  He also stated his intention of returning to work on campus this week, and that he’d soon be attending a Board of Regents meeting at A&M, College Station.

Jones closed the email with a reminder for all to take better care of themselves.

“Stress makes everything worse, taking a toll on body, mind and spirit,” Jones wrote.  “We all know how stressful university life can be, for students, faculty, and staff alike, and I urge all of you who are dealing with stressful challenges in your life to get the rest and help your need.  Even a lion needs a helping paw from time to time.”