On campus ads

Hannah Clark, Staff Writer

There is a wide range of on campus advertising which is used to communicate to the student body, here at Texas A&M University-Commerce, about organizations, free food and local businesses.

“When I first got to campus I was kind of scared that it was going to be hard to make friends but then I saw a sign for the Dr. Who Society,” Maya Latham, member of the Dr. Who Society, said. “I decided to go to the meeting because I love Dr. Who and now I have a whole group of friends.

Looking at the on campus ads is an avenue for students to connect with groups on campus and is also a way for them to find free food.

“I don’t have a meal plan this semester, because I was trying to save money, so I am always on the look out for free food opportunities.” Gabriella Bone, a current sophomore, said.

There has been many free food opportunities on campus this semester and many of them have been connected to organizations here on campus, such as Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead.

“We try to attract as many people as possible when putting on Day of the Dead because it is important to us for people to understand the culture and day.” Gabby Alverez, Hispanic Association President, said. “That is why we plaster the school with flyers and advertise all the free traditional mexican food that will be there.”

Local Business are trying to get in on the action too by having students advertise their business by word of mouth.

“Several students have come in on Wednesdays and Thursdays,our trivia and karaoke nights, and told me they came because they heard about it from another student.” Alycia Woosley said. “We would love to see more college students.”

Advertising is prominent on our campus and is increasing student involvement.

“I constantly use advertising on campus to inform students about all the new programs, events and organizations popping up on campus.” said Lauren Krznarich. “Students want to be more involved they just don’t know where to start.”