Intramurals and Inner Morals

Tristen Harris, Staff Writer

While many colleges and universities have intercollegiate athletic programs, students who just want to participate in sports turn to intramurals, recreational sports ranging from basketball to ultimate Frisbee.

In addition to sports participation, intramurals provide social interactions between the students.

Darrien Brown, a sophomore who plays intramural football, said he chose to play because “ it was a way to meet people who also had a passion for football like myself and possibly learn new things from them.”

Playing intramural sports can also be a good way for students to get comfortable with the campus.

Theodis Sims, freshman said, “Intramural flag football was a great transitional activity for me and it made the change from high school to college an easier process.”

One benefit of intramurals participation is the health benefits as students stay active while doing something they enjoy. In order to compete on a high level, students make healthier diet choices, which also promotes good health on campus.

Students also participate to release the stress and frustration caused by their academic careers.

Cameron Johnson, junior said “[intramural] sports is a good way for me to stay fit, have fun, and play against my friends.”

Students also like the entertainment value of intramural sports and how close they feel to the players.

Jaylon Owens, junior, consistently watches intramural football games.

“I like watching the games because I actually know the players,” he said. “With our school football team, you barely see them, but with intramurals, I could have class with the quarterback. And not to mention the competition for bragging rights is very entertaining.”

Darien Wilson, who also likes to watch the games said, “Intramurals is good thing for all students to get away from studying 24/7 and actually enjoy the college experience.”