Student Receives Rigorous But Fulfilling Internship


Diana Vasquez, Staff Writer

Rachael Hildebrandt, senior student Texas A&M University-Commerce majoring in business management and minoring in international business, is packing up and heading to Memphis, Tenn. next spring for an internship with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Hildebrandt, who’s scheduled to graduate December 2016, is embarking on a new stage in her life. She has been named the volunteer services department intern for St. Jude. The interview process was an intense two-part process that consisted of a phone interview and an in-person interview speaking with many coordinators of departments throughout the hospital.

Her list of responsibilities for the position includes coordinating and implementing programs and events for volunteers, writing for newsletters and other print pieces, supervising volunteers along with many other tasks in this full time position.

Hildebrandt said, “When I talk about the internship and describe it to friends and family, the best way I can describe it is as a perfect internship that combines everything I love and all my work experience into one job.”

Hildebrandt, a member of the Regents’ Scholar Program, a member of Alpha Phi, a member of Sophomore Year Experience and other university programs and said she owes a lot to the advisers she has worked with at A&M-Commerce and the leadership roles she has endured in her organizations.

She has traveled to Mexico, England, France, Italy, Belize, Switzerland, Czech Republic and India and has found a true passion in those experiences.

“Traveling has shown me the world of possibilities and removed a lot of fears I would have had before in not only applying for an internship, but the logistics behind actually picking up and moving my life to Memphis,” she said.

While Hildebrandt will be working full time she will also be taking a full load of online classes in order to stay on track for graduation. Leaving a college town where everything feels comfortable is going to give her the opportunity for growth.

“I think I am most anxious about balancing everything. I love planning and scheduling, but I know it will be an adjustment taking classes and working full time. I also know I will miss all of the friends I have made in Commerce. Their support has eased a lot of the pressure in all of the logistics that come after getting the internship,” Hildebrandt said.

While it’s hard to decide what will be in store for her after this journey, looking at back at her start at the university brings back memories.

“It is strange to think all the way back to freshman year, and what my goals were then, but I would say I have always known that I wanted to do something big in my life. My ultimate goal in life is to do something that I know positively impacts other people. St. Jude is built around helping patients and their families going through difficult times, I feel so blessed to now be playing a role in helping families at St. Jude.”