Student DJ Graduates, Reflects on Time


Keilah Whitaker, Staff Writer

DJ Sammy is one musician on campus that is always performing.

Samuel Brisby, aka DJ Sammy, is a graduating senior at Texas A&M University- Commerce, majoring in communications. His medium of music is beat producing and DJ-ing.

Raised in North Texas, the 23-year-old found his passion for this activity his freshman year at A&M-Commerce in 2012.

“I started doing it as a hobby, because I really like the sound of chopped and screwed music, and I wanted to hear certain songs chopped up, so I started to do it myself,” he said.

Sammy is best known for being a DJ, however, he is still a full-time college student and remembers his journey to Commerce from another school and his personal transition into a musician.

“I started off as a freshman at this little private college and I didn’t really like it, so the next semester I transferred here (A&M-Commerce),” he said. “Plus I’ve always kind of been a loner and so once I moved to Smith Hall, I just stayed in my room a lot. Then once I got enough equipment, I started teaching myself and practicing, and then people started to book me.”

DJ Sammy’s catalog of music is made up of Top 40, pop, hip-hop, Latino style, old R&B, and EDM house music.

“I have to listen to many genres since I offer my services to a lot of different crowds,” he said.

Although he listens to all of those genres to keep up with a variety of people, his personal library is very simple.

“Personally, I just listen to old school west coast rap and R&B,” he said. “Like I mess with N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac, but I also love the Isley Brothers, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkidelic. Like, those are my classics as well as my favorites.”

His inspiration and artistic style when it comes to beat mixing and producing come from his audiences.

“My style is just adjusting to my audience,” he said. “I mainly play for them. However, as far as my inspiration, it’s like an inner voice that tells me to keep going. I think I inspire myself, because I want to be original and different from other DJ’s, so I challenge myself to switch it up so people won’t get bored.”