The American Chemical Society

Kelly Fulton, Staff Writer

The American Chemical Society (ACS) is a campus organization dedicated to bringing people together who share same common interests, passions and ambitions.

“We do a wide range of things including educating those of all ages about science, promoting the STEM field, community service, and encouraging our own students to set high goals and strive for greatness,” Bethany Davidson, ACS member, said.

This is a rebuilding time for the chapter, as membership numbers have fallen over the years to only six members, all officers, to keep the organization going.

“There are only so many things you can accomplish with that amount of people but we tried our best,” Davidson said.

Membership to ACS is not exclusive to those pursing a science degree.

“While the majority of our students are chemistry and biology majors, we have members from all fields such a business, music, math, engineering and technology management,” Davidson said. “We encourage those outside the chemistry department because they too can succeed in ACS, which I know from experience as an engineering major.”

Davidson credits Khanh Trong, former ACS chapter president, with renewing public interest in the organization and inspiring its members to expand.

“Khanh really pushed our group,” Davidson said. “He wanted us to have a well rounded set of individuals.”

As part of the effort to get the American Chemical Society name out, the group participates in community service activities including highway cleanup, volunteering at the nursing home, and food drives.

Educational events include conferences with other ACS chapters.

“We fundraised a lot and was able to have two trips paid for with this,” Davidson said. “We got to check out UT, Baylor, and several other graduate schools and go to these amazing conferences on both the regional and national level.

“Although we didn’t present, this opportunity was wonderful for us,” he said. “We had the chance to talk with professors, employers and students from around the world. So when expressing these experiences to others we had a much larger group coming into the next year.”

After graduation, Davidson plans to pursue a Ph.D. at the largest polymer-engineering department in the world, an opportunity she credits to her involvement with the ACS.

“ACS has honestly changed my life more so than any other organization that I have been apart of,” Davidson said. “I know I wouldn’t be on the path I am today without ACS. It provided me with travel opportunities, internships, and help me set a new standard for myself.”