Veteran’s Ball Held in Honor of Servicemen

Wesley Sharp, Staff Writer

The Student Veterans Association hosted the Fourth Annual Veteran’s Ball following a Veteran’s Vigil this past weekend.

Student veterans’, joined by the Overspring Civil Air Patrol and the Greenville Color Guard, goal for the event was to invite and connect veterans from around the community and celebrate the lives of the deceased veterans.

The event started with the Veterans’ Vigil and monument located outside the Rayburn Student Center. The vigil was a week-long ceremony that involved the hanging of each military branches flag, military speakers, a formal lighting of the flame, and standing guards who were posted at the vigil for several hours.

Student Government Association president Jackson Dailey said the event helps civilians realize the importance of the veterans and what they do for the country

“Seeing those things in person and really understanding how significant military services is to someone, it helps civilians understand what they went through and the real meaning of serving your country…I think it’s a very good educational opportunity as well,” Dailey said.

All branches of the military were represented. Dailey said the veterans had a significant part of the ceremonies. He said any military-type event like this one is always showcased very nicely.

“Anytime a military function of any kind, ROTC, Civil Air Patrol, actual service men, anytime that’s done it’s very nice,” Dailey said.

Student Veteran Association member and A&M-Commerce student David Stutsman said he particularly enjoys the event and knows the significance it has for students at the university.

“Honestly, without those veterans who sacrificed their lives for our country, we as students wouldn’t really have a chance to get an education here,” Stutsman said.