Student-Led Event Casts Light on Domestic Violence

David Stutsman, Staff Writer

Phi Beta Sigma Inc. hosted “Take Back The Night” on Oct. 27 in the McDowell Administration Building “to get awareness out about domestic violence.”

“The purpose is also to tell about what domestic violence is and how to prevent it and the different types of domestic violence and how to be a part of the solution,” Kerry Wilson, an event organizer, said

Members of Phi Beta Sigma spent a lot of time getting the word out, “to get everything set up it takes months of planning, and come up with a place to have it and go out and tell people about it and get it known,” Wilson said.

“This is our third year doing this event and when we first starting doing the event I was the originator of the event. Basically we called the shelter to see if we could get some people to come and speak to the campus and what we did was help them feel comfortable coming and speaking to the campus,” Wesley Sharp, Phi Beta Sigma member, said.

“Our organization collaborates with campus recreation as well as the Women in Need Shelter,” Sharp said. “We also asked the recreation center to bring a banner and have people sign it to take a pledge against sexual assault and domestic violence,” Sharp said.

“This event is setup to help bring awareness to A&M-Commerce and talk how domestic and sexual violence happen to women but it also can happen to men and it can happen to anyone at anytime on any campus,” Sharp said.

“Not only were the students informed, but they were also told what to do in case they get involved and gave contact information and what to look for if you ever do get abused physically or sexually,” Sharp said.

There was also an exercise at the event giving scenarios with statements that was like green, yellow and red to match up the different scenarios that categorize types of domestic and sexual violence.

“It raises awareness on a vague area, and it is meant to help empower people to take a stand for themselves,” Wilson said.