Game Room Offers a Short Escape from Classes

Wesley Sharp, Staff Writer

The game room inside the Sam Rayburn Student Center entertains university students and the community with a number of activities at an inexpensive price.

The game room offers a pool and air hockey table as well as games for the PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and the Wii.

Club Manager, Edwin Nash, said pool is the most popular among all of the games. The game room is equipped with four tables for pool activity. Although gaming can be seen as an activity suited for guys, the pool table often has women players

“It’s mostly males in the game room from what I’ve seen, but we do have females who come and they mostly play pool, “Nash said.

Students have the opportunity to game with friends until midnight Monday through Friday. Nash said the busiest time for the game room is during the afternoon or what the staff at the student center calls the Student Center’s rush hour. Nash believes it’s the time that students are finished with their classes and come to play to get away from classes.

Grad student and gamer Vmsikalakundla is big fan of the game room at the student center. He said he plays his favorite game “Fifa 16” about once or twice a week for about two hours a day.

“It’s kind of a relaxation; everyone is busy with their education, or working on campus or their daily problems. Gaming is something like a stress reliever and I need the stress reliever,” Vmsikalakundla said.

Playing pool, air hockey or any game on any console offered in the student center is priced at $2 per hour. Students can also buy the unlimited game/pool membership for $75 a semester. The student center game room also has a shuffle board for students free of charge. Student use the game room as a chance to compete with other classmates.

“I like playing games with a lot of people; this allows you play with two people at a time or something like that, I haven’t bought the Xbox 1 in my apartment yet, and so I come here and play with a lot of people,” Vmisikalakundla said.