Alumni Association Finishes Commemorative Garden

Diana Vasquez, Staff Writer

The Alumni Association of Texas A&M University-Commerce has completed The Brick Garden Project on campus as a way to commemorate the university’s 125 years.

The Brick Garden Project began planning and development in 2013 with design, logistics and the plan to place the garden outside the back doors of the Alumni Center connecting the center to the walking mall near the Ferguson Social Sciences Building.

The Garden is composed of 2,500 bricks that create a walkway. Bricks are 4”x8” and can be customized to display any message desired. Bricks were purchased by alumni as well as university family and friends for $125.

Derryle Peace, director of Alumni Relations, was heavily involved in the process of seeing the sketches and plans come to life.

“I have enjoyed all aspects of the project, but must admit that my favorite part has been watching the construction. I have also enjoyed watching the faces and hearing the responses of those people who have purchased bricks,” he said.

While the garden’s main point is the brick pathway, there is a center hexagon planter set in the center of the garden to commemorate all six past names of the university. Eight benches are placed around the edges of the garden for students and passersby to enjoy. While the garden is a physical landmark on campus, a portion of the sales will contribute to fund the Alumni Legacy Scholarship which will help future students.

Peace said there are benefits that emerge from a project like this.

“The project will allow alumni and friends to leave a visible legacy here on campus. In doing so, they help to fund a scholarship that will make a difference in the lives of current and future students.  It is our hope as well that the project would provide the impetus for alumni to come back to campus to see this and other campus additions,” he said.