One Stop Shop Banners Change

Zene Amaning, Staff Writer

Banners, representing services provided in the One Stop Shop, have been changed this semester.

The banners display 10 resources to inform students that they can be helped with in the center. The photos are selected from Flickr featuring students interacting on campus.

The Student Access and Success Center, aka One Stop Shop, provides as many resources as possible in one location, such as financial aid and scholarships, career development and undergraduate admissions.

Before the facility was built, students had to travel around campus in order to get the service they needed. Now, they can complete multiple tasks in one building.

The banners are on the side of the building feature students from different races, sex and cultures so everyone will feel included.

Ricia Montgomery, assistant to vice president Mary Hendrix, has a role in choosing pictures and helping with the banners placed around the center.

“It is a great eye-catcher for students to come to the building and get what they need to succeed,” she said.