Campus Courtesy

Matthew Allen, Staff Writer

Courtesy is an important part of society and how we interact with people in our everyday activities.

“Courtesy is a basic need in everyone’s life,” Jakorey Thomas, junior criminal justice major said. “It should be given from all parties, but into day’s world, that sadly isn’t the case.”

On campus, courtesy seems to be alive and well but there are instances when courtesy is lacking.

“The other day I saw someone who had a bunch of things in his hands when entering the student center,” Joseph Brown, sophomore business major, said. “I decided that I would grab the door for him. Even though it was just the day I was raised to do this good deed, I never received a thank you from this guy. It’s a shame.”

Others on campus say they have never had problems when it comes to people showing common courtesy.

“I have never experienced anyone ever not giving out common courtesy,” Vanessa Lopes, junior criminal justice major said. “I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in a small town in South Carolina or that I just might be sheltered.”

“I believe there is a great deal of common courtesy that is alive and well on our campus,” President Dan Jones said. “As a whole, the Lions of A&M-Commerce are doing an outstanding job representing the traditions and ways of our school and community. We embody what it truly means to be a blue and gold A&M-Commerce Lion.”