Sexual Harassment Awareness Courses Available to All

Sara Wray, Staff Writer

The Office of Training and Development will be offering several free sections of the Sexual Harassment: Awareness and Prevention course this semester.

After completing the course, participants should be able to describe what sexual harassment is, identify the types and behaviors that may be taken as sexual harassment, and understand the university’s policy concerning sexual harassment.

Sections are scheduled Nov. 18, and Dec. 16 from 10-11a.m., and Nov. 3 and Dec. 1 from to 1-2 p.m. All sections will be in the Business Administration Building in Room 343.

The course is presented by Jacinta Dyck, training specialist in the office of training and development. Dyck has an MBA and has trained adults from a variety of industries and disciplines.

“The course is mandatory training for all employees,” Dyck said. “Typically, the course gets assigned when a new hire gets assigned all their mandatory required trainings.”

The course discusses how the university has a zero tolerance level for all types of discrimination on campus, but it hones in on sexual harassment discrimination. The different types of sexual harassment are covered, as well as discrimination based on sex. Consensual relationships are discussed, as well as how to file a grievance or make a claim.

“I have the students define what sexual harassment is and give examples,” Dyck said. “We kind of do it in little groups so it’s a little more interactive so that we have discussions about the topics. We do some scenario type things where they have to discuss the different topics and try to figure out whether or not it is sexual harassment and if it is what kind. We get a lot of discussions when those come up.”

To make a claim of sexual harassment, students should contact the Dean of Campus Life & Student Development, while faculty, staff, and third parties should contact the Title IX administrator.

“It is our job, if we work for the university, to stop sexual harassment if we see it, hear it, obviously if we’re taking part in it,” Dyck said. “We, as a whole, sometimes kind of blow off different things, and while it’s sometimes kind of funny to say or do, we still work in a professional environment. We are the leaders, and the students that come here look to us for guidance and how to act, so when we make suggestions or do things that are inappropriate, we’re teaching them that in a professional environment that’s okay, and it’s not. This class is important because it teaches you that it’s not just what we do and how we affect ourselves, it’s how we lead the future generations to be more respectful to each other.”

Registration is open for all sections of the course at

For more information, contact the Office of Training and Development at 903-886-5250.