Lion Student Forum

Chevall Pryce, Staff Writer

The monthly Lion Student Forum, hosted by Vice President Mary Hendrix, addressed the upcoming implementation of Senate Bill 11 and an increase in tuition.

The forum focused on the tuition increase for incoming students in the fall 2016 from $3,716 to $3,874 and the tuition for graduate students from $4,317 to $4,489. These are both based upon a 2.2% increase in the consumer price index (CPI).

There will also be a new 1-year tuition plan implemented in 2016. It will begin at the same price as the base undergraduate and graduate tuition and increase .5% CPI ever semester if the student chooses to continue attending Texas A&M University – Commerce. The plan is being implemented throughout the Texas A&M University System.

Hendrix announced that President Dan Jones will be holding a community update concerning Senate Bill 11 which deals with guns on campus. It will include an open forum dedicated to the issue concerning where weapons may be restricted on campus. A section of the university’s website has been dedicated to providing information on the bill’s implementation in 2016, including a video presentation.

The counseling center announced their annual De-Stress Fest Nov. 3 promoted as “Save Your Grade” which includes tutors and snacks for students to help raise their grade before finals.

Although there was student attendance was low at the forum, Hendrix was not surprised nor disappointed.

“When we began this forum in 2010 we had 30 to 40 students each month,” Hendrix said. “Many of them had a lot of complaints, specifically about cafe food and residential hall maintenance. But, I believe that the forum has been so productive that we have solved most, if not all, of the problems. One of the suggestions that students gave us was the present shuttle system. Although it took quite a while to initiate it, it is now running and students seem satisfied with it.”

The Lion Student Forum is held monthly in the Pride Room of the student center.