BioPride Boot Camp

Kelly Fulton, Staff Writer

A study conducted by the Obama Administration in 2011 found that about 40 percent of freshmen science majors do not complete their degree plan.

The biggest reason for this is many first-time college students feel overwhelmed trying to juggle classes while adjusting to being on their own for the first time. Many of these students end up changing their majors or dropping out of college due to stress. Because of this, the nation is losing a large amount of potential scientists.

Because the transition into college can be difficult for many students, particularly those in biological sciences, Texas A&M University – Commerce has developed a program intended to ease the transition into college and improve success rates.

BioPride Boot Camp is a one-week program designed to help incoming freshman majoring in biological sciences, or those pursuing a pre-professional degree. This program provides freshmen with a preview into their academic expectations for their college classes.

BioPride aims to help students get a jump-start on preparing for the undergraduate curriculum and learning the keys to their success in competitive fields.

Leading the program is Dr. Venu Cheriyath, assistant professor of biological and environmental sciences.

“BioPride is a great opportunity for students to start building relationships with their peers and educators,” Dr. Cheriyath said. “This program provides them with the chance to get to know the faculty and staff who will be teaching their biology classes throughout their college career. They will also get a chance to meet other students in their freshman classes and upper level students pursuing the same field.”