Gee Library’s new laptop program

Diana Vasquez, Staff Writer

Gee Library has a LaptopsAnytime™ program where students can check out laptops for 24 hours.

“I enjoy being able to do my work whenever I please,” Zoe Phipps, junior and laptop owner said. “I don’t have to depend on computers at the school and I can use my laptop for things other than school.”

While Gee Library is open 24 hours on weekdays and has a floor of desktop computers, students seem to prefer the dependability and independent nature of their laptops.

“Because I can do work in a comfortable environment,” Rhonda Locke, junior, said as to why she preferred her laptop versus the library desktop computers.

However, sometimes laptops are not so reliable. With technological glitches and viruses, it is easy for a laptop to stop working and give up.

Rachael Hildebrandt, junior business major with a couple of online classes, recently had her laptop give up on her.

“What I like least about not having a working laptop is the inconveniences,” she said. “It’s nice to be able to work on homework wherever I am.”

For that reason, Gee Library has a 24-hour laptop check out system. There are two kiosks, one on the first floor of Gee Library and one on the second floor of the Rayburn Student Center, that hold laptops for students to check out.

The service is free for students currently enrolled at A&M-Commerce. All that is needed to check out the laptops is a Student ID. Once checked out, the laptops are due back at the kiosk the next day by midnight. Students are free to take them back to their residence, use them outside and bring them to class or wherever they please. They come with an extended battery life and typically come fully charged.