SGA Bids Farewell to Advisor

*Due to a mistake on the part of the East Texan staff, this announcement failed to run for the October 22 issue. It is with our apologies that we post it here.


Dear Josh,


It is with mixed emotions that we must say farewell for now. While all of us in Senate realize that you are taking advantage of a great opportunity, we cannot help but express sadness at the thought of you being with us no more. In the time that you have been here this body as an institution has grown tremendously. We have become more active with our university counterparts, we now strive to offer more programs and services for the students here at TAMUC, and we have increased our ability to better others and hopefully better ourselves as well. Dean Kaulfus said that each morning and night he would ask himself if he had done everything that he could do that day to better TAMUC for the faculty, staff, and students. All of us in the Senate believe that you embody that philosophy and have continually strived to help us emphasize that as well. We would most certainly not be the association that we are without your leadership and guidance.


This next part of your life is going to be something special for you. As you return to your home state and settle in with your wife, we hope that all will go well in that process. And while things will certainly be different there than they are here, it is a change which helps both you and the SGA at A&M Commerce grow. You will begin a new chapter, and so we must as well. Once you have been there a while we hope that you will come back to visit, but we know that the distance if far and time is scarce. Even once you are gone we will still remember you and the lessons that you have taught us. We will take all that you have taught us and use it wisely. For you have left both us and the university a better place than when you came here and we are proud to have called you our advisor.


Best of luck,


The Student Government Association

Texas A&M University – Commerce