The Terror

Horror music auteur FKA Twigs’ new EP is terrifyingly lovely


Andrew Burnes, Editor


FKA Twigs’ 2014 delight “Two Weeks” was a haunting classic that mixed evil vocals with a longing tongue as synth demons pounded on the door of depression. With a new EP, Twigs downplays the longing and maximizes the evil, bringing along clanging percussion and some of the creepiest music you’ll find this side of the 1800s’ organ, at the risk of going too far into the unknown to be savorable enough to maintain interest.

As a whole, the oddly named M3LL155X is a keeper. Though Twigs occasionally goes a little too off the rails to recommend on “In Time” and “Glass and Patron,” “I’m Your Doll” and “Mothercreep” have a rock solid musical foundation while still having no problem bringing the chills. Twigs’ eerily beautiful voice clashes against slowed down voices (a horror staple) and slashing, synth noises that echo early Nine Inch Nails, creating a strange affect that is one-of-a-kind. It’s not for everybody and nothing here is quite as mystifying as “Two Weeks” was last year. But when the bass-heavy tone of “Figure 8” pulls you in as Twigs sighs “Let me live through your vice,” you’ll be trapped like a pinball inside an evil machine of percussion-heavy terror.