SGA and UPD team up for Sociable Slices

Brianna Patt, Managing Editor

The Student Government Association was looking to improve student and University Police Department relationships with Sociable Slices.

Meghan Carlee, chair, Campus Safety and Security Committee, stated that she was inspired to create the event after incidents where her friends did not feel the police presence on campus. 

“I wanted to host an event to have that relationship with the UPD and make them [students] feel safe on campus,” Carlee said. 

Carlee and Jasmine Williams, president, SGA, had met with UPD chief Bryan Vaughn to discuss safety issues. Carlee stated that things had not gone as well as they could have; therefore, it felt important to bring awareness to safety issues. 

Carlee began planning for the event around late February/early March.

As for how student relations currently are on campus, she stated that she feels that there is always room for improvement. 

“I definitely think they’re good, but you can always improve things,” Carlee said. 

She hoped that the event was also able to assist students to understand that the police are there to help protect them. 

“I hope they learn who’s in the police uniform and get to know our officers because they’re here to actually protect us and make the university a safer place,” she said. 

The event occurred on the sidewalk between Phase II and Pride Rock. It had pizza and offered a QR code for expressing safety concerns.