‘Play like a Girl: Men in Heels Olympics’ teaches men to support women

Tylar Brown, Entertainment Editor

Texas A&M University-Commerce Sista 2 Sista held “Play like a Girl: Men in Heels Olympics” March 27 from 1 until 4 p.m. in parking lot 19. 

 Since 2016, Sista 2 Sista has been a living organization on campus that assist Black women in reaching their personal and professional goals through education, leadership and membership with the help of Dr. Shetina Jones.  

The organization’s goal is to have a positive impact on Black women around campus academically and professionally. 

“Being a part of S2S has impacted me personally. I always say that I truly would not be in the position that I am in life if it wasn’t for the program. I have grown, experienced, and learned so much more from the year and a half of being part of this organization,” Kianda Davis, vice president, said.

Sista 2 Sista also provides living arrangements for girls that are a part of the program.

The purpose of the living learning community is to empower and strengthen Black female participants by building healthy relationships, engaging in community service, building career experiences and accepting woman for who they are. 

“The organization as a whole is such a positive impact on my collegiate career, my advisers and peers constantly push me to do better and make more of an impact on my women on campus,” Davis said.

“Play like a girl: Men in Heels Olympics” is an event that S2S wanted to implement to represent Women’s Health Month. It is based on women empowerment and the issues and challenges women face in life. 

“The main goal of this event is to get the men of the Texas A&M University-Commerce Campus to support and respect for their female counterparts in a fun and interactive way,” Davis said. 

The heels aspect of the event represented how hard and uncomfortable it is to wear heels. The guys separated into teams and competed against each other for the chance to win a prize.

“During the planning of the event we wanted to implement fun activities for men to represent stereotypes pushed upon women, therefore we had the guys playing field day-type games with a twist,” Karrignton Wright, secretary, said.

Wright and Davis planned the event with the help of their advisers and president. 

Both of these young ladies want to make an impact on campus to other women by setting an example through leadership and positivity. 

“S2S has been very impactful on my college career, and though it took a push from a strong African American woman in my life for me to join I see it as the whole centerpiece of the organization. Strong Black women, pushing and encouraging one another to grow and step out of their comfort zones,” said Wright. 

Contact Davis at [email protected] or Wright at [email protected] for more information.