Art Department Head announces resignation

Janelle Taylor, Staff Writer

Joseph Daun, head of the Department of Art, announced his resignation effective after the end of the 2015 summer II session, to spend more time with his family and more time in the classroom.

“I have adopted three toddlers over the past two years and I want to spend more time teaching students in the classroom,” Daun said. “I also feel that I have met my initial goals for the position and that it is time for a change in the leadership of the department.”

His accomplishments over the past seven years as department head are extensive.  Daun had a hand in every major art achievement at Texas A&M University-Commerce, the most recent being the commission of the Patrick Dougherty project and the new Visual Communication space in the Pacific Place in Dallas.  Also, under his leadership, the art department grew with a new sculpture lab, a photography-printing lab, and initiation of a public art collection for the university.

Daun is credited with the growth of the art department and creating greater opportunities for students to develop artwork and experience art.

Daun will be teaching sculptural/3D classes, photography and focusing on his own artwork.

Administrative assistant Patti Doster said, “It is a bit sad he will not do the great administrative work, but I know he wants to have more time for his kids and his artwork.  He has done so many great things for this department.  He is a great teacher and adviser to the students. They admire him and can relate to him.”

Daun also has a fun side to him that not too many get to see in his current position but he has plans to show that side more in the future.

“I really am a prankster at heart. I look forward to being just ‘one of the faculty’ as you can’t prank faculty when you’re their boss but they are fair game once I return to faculty,” Daun said.

The prestige of the department head job affected him in a positive way.

“I think that I have been a creative problem solver and have modeled the traits that I want my students and faculty to attain: pushing yourself to attain the unobtainable, being part of the solution and trying to have fun while you are doing it,” Daun said.